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February 9, 1983 – An artist is born! Nick Chai-Chang connected with the arts early in the 1st grade while observing the architectural sketches his father drew at the drafting table. Within a short time, Nick took the pencils himself, drawing on paper, cardboard boxes, even his bedroom walls of interpretations of cartoons, graffiti, and the inspirations he found everywhere. Drawing became his passion and his dream. Focusing all his attention on his art, he entered and won 1st and 2nd place honors in competitions at his high school, Miami’s Pace High, the Art Honors program of Miami Miami-Dade Community College, and at county exhibitions. Encouraged, Nick was determined to take his talent and dreams to the highest levels.

A recent graduate of Illustration at New York’s renowned Parsons the New School for Design, Nick continues to grow his craft and his creative skills undeterred by obstacles. He is passionate and driven to succeed in his chosen field. Like a sponge, he soaks up the help and knowledge available to him from the wonderful experience of his tutors and mentors. Recognition of his tremendous work ethic and creative talent is already coming as evidenced by the selection of one work for inclusion in the prestigious Society of Illustrators Annual Scholarship Competition in May 2007. Nick’s road to fulfillment of his promise as a great and successful artist has begun.

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